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What is Expected Out of You, 

As a Teacher


  1. Centre Opening: – 7:15am daily (Mon- Fri)

    1. Teacher on Morning duty to be in by then.

  2. All teachers need to record time in and out and sign, without fail in the “Log Book”

  3. Open the side grills and sliding doors daily ( to be closed when leaving)

  4. The main grill in the hall and the side entrance grill are to be locked during operating hours.

    1. We will have a secured area, so that children are confined with the center and garden.

  5. Greet children and parents clearly and with a smile. 

  6. Always correct the child if they are not doing the right thing.

    1. But do not shout or yell at them.

  7. Outdoor Play-teachers to look out for children at the trampoline /traffic and backyard areas.

  8. All children are to be under the supervision of a teacher at ALL time.

  9. Toileting - Do not leave children alone in the toilets.

  10. Closing Teacher to check that all doors are closed and locked, lights and air-cons switched off and all remaining rubbish cleared.

  11. Let children explore their classroom to become comfortable with their surroundings.

  12. Be well prepared before you stand before the students.

  13. Plan for different learning styles (i.e., visual, kinesthetic, audio

  14. Plan activities involving movement, fun etc. for every topic 

  15. Praise appropriate behaviours

  16. Clarify inappropriate behaviours, explain consequences, make students say what was wrong.

  17. .  Make your class fun, so that children want to come to school everyday because of YOU.

  18. Do report anything you see that you may be unsure of to a member of the senior staff

Don’t forget to get the parent’s to sign in and out and make a note of who is collecting your child



  1.     Punish any child physically, tease, humiliate or use harsh words or torture mentally 
  2.     Ignore students / allow them to wander or talk, when you are engaged. 
  3.     Act / talk as a police person
  4.    Teach a mistake. Be sure what is correct, - whether it is a spelling or a pronunciation
  5.    Discourage – demotivate or anything that could affect interest or cause a depression
  6.    Teach holding books and sit while you give a lesson 
  7.    Take action against any child without explaining 
  8.    Give imposition or other wasteful acts to force a child learn. 
  9.    Overwhelm children with rules and routines.
  10.  Force children to perform too many tasks inappropriate to age or time available.
  11.  Judge children with prejudice 
  12.  Give too many worksheets and homeworks. Stick to school’s homework policy
  13.  Leave the impression that school will be all hard work.
  14.  Leave material and manipulatives outside unless you want the children to use them.
  15.  Make exceptions to the school's rules, even if you don't agree with them. 
  16.  Reprimand a student in front of others; a quiet word in their ear is okay.
  17.  Allow disrespect to learning, others, or property 
  18.  Begin teaching until everyone is meeting your expectations. It sends the wrong message to   them.
  19.  Talk matters other than school related within staffroom 
  20.  Do not use mobile phones during class hours

As a Colleague

  • Talk to us! Always be open and communicative at all times. Greeting your fellow colleagues is a great way to create positive energy and boost each other's moods.

  • Here at Golden Montessori, we strongly believe communication is the key to our success. Like something you see? Do let us know. Do not like something you see? Let the staff know or fill out the feedback form.

  • Please take responsibility. See something not working? Or an area that is messy? Kindly take action on it. Either inform management or take initiative to get it fixed.


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